Essential Clothing Items

In last weeks post, I shared with you My Approved Shopping List. This post is all about my essential clothing items and what exactly I intend to buy and why.

Essential clothing items - the minimalist ninjaAs mentioned in my previous post, during my shopping ban, I am allowed to buy the following items in the category “essential clothing items”:

  • 1 Pair of Jeans
  • 2 T-Shirts
  • 2 Leggings
  • 2 Maxi dresses
  • 1 Tank Top
  • 1 Oxford Dress Shirt
  • 1 Shoes

These are the items I still plan on buying:

1 Tank Top

I would need a semi-fitted, basic, black tank top. Why a new one? I currently don’t really have a suitable tank top for doing Ashtanga yoga. The only tanktop I have is too loose and the extra fabric constantly gets in the way of my practice.

I accidentally left my trusty 3-year-old tank top in Shanghai a couple of months ago and I am in need of a replacement. I am hoping to find a basic black tank top at a thrift store.

Essential clothing items - everlane

1 Oxford dress shirt

Why? As I mentioned in my post about the rules of my yearlong shopping ban, I’ll be going through a handful of amazing changes and looking for work will be one of them.

I currently don’t have anything aside from t-shirts and jumpers and could potentially need some sort of dress shirt. Whether I need this one or not is going to be hugely dependent on the roles I’ll be going for.

This one might not be necessary as I could rock one of my T-Shirt or a jumper to an interview.

Essential clothing items - oxford shirt

1 Shoes

It’s my hope that I can get away with wearing my zero drop boots for interviews. If I don’t feel comfortable doing so then I intend to buy a pair of basic slip-ons.

Please note, I only wear zero drop shoes and having to buy slip-ons (which usually aren’t zero drop), freaking pains me.

Essential clothing items - shoes

This was my list of essential clothing items that I intend to purchase during my yearlong shopping ban.

Everything that’s been crossed out has since been acquired.

Have you ever done a shopping ban? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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Updated: November 2018


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    • Nina
      October 15, 2018 / 11:16 PM

      That’s a brilliant idea if one has clothing to sell! I love it! I haven’t tried their shoes yet. I am currently hooked on wearing my xero shoes. Have had them for a year and love them! I was initially keen on trying some from Vivo Barefoot but didn’t end up doing it. Do you have any favorites?

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