Hi, I’m Nina! Welcome to The Minimalist Ninja, a YouTube channel, and blog about minimalism, being vegan, green travel, moving abroad, and frugal living. In 2015 I discovered minimalism, gave away 80% of what I owned and left Vienna, Austria. It was then that I made traveling and moving my priority and I haven’t looked back. So far I’ve traveled through 28 countries and lived in 4.

the minimalist ninja

How did it start?

I am not exaggerating when I say that stumbling upon CouchSurfing in 2012 changed my life forever. In 2013 I decided to move to Berlin for three months and ended up leaving Austria for good, prior to even getting my degree, at the beginning of 2014. I was headed to New York City for three months and ended up moving to London afterward. I’ve since lived in Berlin, London and two times in New York City.

How do I afford to travel and move?

I oftentimes get asked what I went to school for and where I work. It’s not about the school I went to or the places I work/ed at. What made all the difference was making travel and moving my priority. The minute I made travel and moving my priority, things fell into place and opportunities popped up that I would have otherwise dismissed or worse, not even noticed. It’s that easy and there’s no magic to it. Learn more about how I afford to travel and move here.

the minimalist ninja

Why travel like a local?

For me traveling like a local is the way to go because it’s as close as you can get to truly experience a place. I am a lover of Couchsurfing and Airbnb, two platforms that allow you to travel and live just like locals do, or as close to it as possible. I am not fond of hotels, luxury resorts and the like. Why? Whenever I am living somewhere I am not living in a hotel or luxury resort so why would I want to stay in such a place when I am traveling? I don’t differentiate between living somewhere and traveling.

the minimalist ninja

Our beautiful Airbnb in Skopje, Macedonia

Why minimalism?

Minimalism is an incredible tool that helped me to create the life that I am living. It all started with my move to New York City in 2014. I was moving out of mum’s place, sold and gave away most of my possessions and stuffed everything that was left into a 23kg suitcase and a 10kg carry-on. It was, hands-down, one of the best decisions I ever made. Today, over 4 years later, everything I own still fits into that exact same suitcase and I recently made the switch to a 40L backpack which replaced my carry-on suitcase. Living with less, but more is what I live by. I favor experiences over stuff and moving and traveling is what I love.

Why are you a vegan?

In June 2015 I stumbled upon heaps of documentaries exposing the meat and dairy industry and within two weeks I went vegan. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I don’t miss a thing. To be fair, I never cooked meat in my life, it always grossed me out and while I was a big lover of cheese, my transition of two weeks was a super smooth one. I am vegan because I care about the environment and all living beings. Going vegan and being vegan is incredibly easy if you are doing it for the right reasons, really.

How do you travel?

Whenever I travel all my possessions fit neatly into a 40L backpack, anything bigger than that would simply drag me down and wouldn’t serve me on my trips. The only item that doesn’t fit into my backpack is my trusty YOGO mat. I love traveling light, with only what I need and don’t see myself going back to a suitcase anytime soon.

I want to see as much of this world as possible and made it my mission to encourage and inspire YOU to live with less, but more and to go out and explore this beautiful planet.

Welcome to my little space on the internet. I am so thrilled that you are here!