Minimalism And Piercings

I can’t help but smile as I am writing this. Minimalism and piercings. What’s the deal? In September 2017 I posted a video announcing that I got my septum pierced. The video was short and sweet and I’ve been posting piercing related videos ever since. I also shared with you how I first got into piercings at age 17.

minimalism and piercings
My current setup. More to come!

Why piercings?

Piercings are a form of self-expression and a beautiful one at that. They have been around since almost the dawn of humanity and the history of piercings and how it all started is a fascinating one.

Piercings are something that intrigued me the minute I first spotted them. I was a teenager at the time and fell so hard for it. I couldn’t quite shake it, I loved the idea of adding jewelry to one’s ears and various other body parts.

minimalism and piercings
Me way back when

I was overjoyed

Fast forward to 2017 – I finally got my septum pierced and you can’t believe how happy I was. I felt so empowered. I had been thinking about getting it for over 10 years.

I couldn’t believe that I finally did it. When I shared the “news” with a good friend and fellow bodymodification enthusiast of mine all she said was “Finally!!!!!!!”. It felt so right and I felt more like myself then ever before.

I’ve since gotten six more piercings and can’t wait to get more! Planning out different projects and getting pierced is a lot of fun.

minimalism and piercings
Me in New York City shortly after getting my septum pierced

What happened after I posted that first video

Shortly after I posted my septum piercing experience, comments started rolling in. Some comments were encouraging (thank you!) and others were neutral. Then there were a handful that were, how can I put it .. they got me curious and I started asking myself the following question about those very people:

  • What does minimalism mean to them?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?

One of the comments I received is as follows:

“How does piercing steel into one’s head and adding jewelry to one’s possessions combine with minimalism? Really not wanting to troll or hate, love most of your videos. But I’m not getting this, so please help me out!”

I actually didn’t respond to this comment because I wasn’t quite sure what to say apart from “I’d never wear jewelry made out of steel and I would never get my head pierced”. After reading it over and over again I came to the conclusion that this person’s definition of minimalism is a different one and that he/she is probably not all that into piercings.

minimalism and piercings
My third piercing

What minimalism means to me

Minimalism for me is living in alignment with my values and spending my time and money accordingly. It’s about having items and experiences in my life that add value and bring me joy. I use minimalism as a tool to live my best life. I could go on and on about this, but that’s in essence what minimalism is to me. It’s a tool and a great one at that.

What oftentimes came up was “value”. If you’ve been with me for a minute then you know that I’ve got a set of core values that I live by. Although I’ve since switched things around a little they are essentially the same. I highly value connection, health, travel and personal growth among other things.

Fun and excitement is also something that I highly value and so are experimenting and just trying out new things. That’s what my YouTube channel is all about and that’s why I am here.

Minimalism and piercings

Connor McMillen has his septum pierced as well and posted a brilliant video about it, Is Jewelry Minimalist? || Why I have a septum piercing. He goes into what it’s all about and why we, like humans, wear jewelry and how he feels about his septum piercing.

I found his perspective refreshing and agree with everything that he said. I can only highly encourage you to check out the comment section underneath his video – it’s incredibly heartwarming.


I wasn’t quite sure where to start and how to go about writing this blog post and decided to reach out to the /minimalism subreddit. Several people mentioned “feeling more comfortable, more like themselves” in regards to piercings and body modification.

minimalism and piercings

One person added “l feel more balanced when l express who l am through these options. I become more at peace with myself.”. What she wrote after this resonated a lot with me: “That sense of peace is how it helps me be more minimalist, as rather than going out and spending/consuming things l don’t actually enjoy, l put time or money into myself and l either love it right away or l get to challenge my own self-perception until l learn to like it.”

This is what it all comes down to

At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference and what you as an individual value. I value experiments and fun, among other things and playing around with jewelry is just one out of 10,000 ways of expressing that.

Piercings are just freaking beautiful in my opinion and I am all for personal self-expression.

Little me over here (is writing in third person all that weird?) is really just trying to live her best life and of course, that’s going to look different from person to person.

This was my post about minimalism and piercings.


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