10 Tips On Mindful Consumption #MakeChangeNow

Mindful consumption. Let’s talk about it. Mindful consumption is all about being aware where your money is going and how your purchase decisions are affecting others. Think people, think animals, think climate.

Tips On Mindful Consumption #MakeChangeNow
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We are voting with our money. Every single time we purchase something.

Whether we are conscious of it or not.

By …

So, before we throw the next best thing into our shopping cart let’s take a moment and stop. Let’s evaluate how what we are about to purchase affects others and whether we truly need what we are about to buy.

Way too many of us see shopping for stuff we don’t actually need as an enjoyable past time. I’ve been there, done that and I am through with it. I only buy something when I need it and don’t perceive shopping as an enjoyable activity, it’s a chore.

Once we start being mindful about what we consume we realize how much power we have. It’s literally everywhere. It starts with what we eat, wear, do and touches all aspects of our lives.

10 Tips On Mindful Consumption #MakeChangeNow

  1. Make buying second hand your default.

  2. Whenever possible, support locally produced goods over imported ones.

  3. Before buying anything, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

  4. Whenever possible, recycle.

  5. Mend your clothing.

  6. Hang dry your laundry.

  7. Choose public transportation.

  8. Spend more time outdoors.

  9. Get your books from the library.

  10. DIY

This post is inspired by MAKE SMTHNG Week.

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