Introducing MAKE SMTHNG

MAKE SMTHNG is a global movement using maker-power to fight overconsumption.

It’s all about making do with what we have, recycling, upcycling, repairing, reducing our waste, embracing a plant-based life and everything in between.

I first stumbled upon MAKE SMTHNG, an organization by Greenpeace, through their Instagram account. I love their posts, their message and everything they stand for.

When I read that they were looking for influencers I couldn’t help but reach out to them.

Long story short, they accepted me as an influencer and I am incredibly happy to be spreading the word! I am a lover of all things diy and their core message resonates so much with me.

Repairing, mending and fixing what you already own are incredibly important skills. Skills, that will help extend the lifespan of everything that you own.

I just recently got into mending and absolutely LOVE it. We owe it to our stuff to take good care of it and to fix things prior to chucking them.


MAKE SMTHNG is a global community of makers and events are being held around the world. If you happen to be on Facebook (I am a lover of Facebook groups!) then join the MAKE SMTHNG Facebook group!

For more information about MAKE SMTHNG check out the MAKE SMTHNG website and the MAKE SMTHNG Instagram account. Interested in spreading the message? Head to the resources page.

Have you heard of MAKE SMTHNG? Join me and spread the message!

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