6 Reasons To Avoid Black Friday #DisruptBlackFriday

Black Friday, a great American tradition that is popular in the United States and beyond. It’s the most amazing day of the year. We’ve had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with our family and went to bed early.

5 Reasons To Avoid Black Friday #DisruptBlackFriday
Me shopping in London back in 2012

Why? Because there’s no way we are going to miss out on all those amazing deals! Some of the shops open as early as 4 AM and we better be up and running!

Just kidding.

That sounds horrific, doesn’t it?

Surprisingly, 74% of Americans are planning to do just that (shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that is).

1. It’s not a holiday

Let’s get very clear on this one. Black Friday is not a holiday. The history of Black Friday is a long one and appeared to have started somewhere around the late 19th century.

That being said, Black Friday as we know it today is an event that has been engineered by marketers. It’s a big sales event that does two things very well: It separates us from our families and loved ones and our money.

2. It sucks for employees

Black Friday sucks for anyone working in retail, because, chances are, they’ll be working extra and really long hours. Then there are those who’ll be working on Thanks Giving Day, filling shelves and getting the store ready for the “big day”.

I personally wouldn’t want to be working retail on Black Friday and others seem to share similar thoughts.

REI, an American outdoor store, is going to be closed on Black Friday and has been so for several years. They started a movement called #optoutside and it is spreading!

3. Consider what your time is worth

Shopping on Black Friday means waiting in line and being surrounded by tons of people. The time spent waiting in line is better to spend relaxing with family and friends.

Time truly is of essence and it’s my hope that we’d all have better things to do than shop.

4. The deals really aren’t that great

The in-store doorbusters usually aren’t worth it. When it comes to electronics – more often than not what’s on offer isn’t the latest nor the best model.

Instead of buying what’s on offer, purchase what truly fits your needs and preferences. Plus, if you want to shave even more money off the bill, why not buy used instead of new?

5. It’s irresponsible

Purchasing things on Black Friday that you don’t actually need is nothing but irresponsible.

Prior to rushing to the store in the wee hours thinking about your needs versus your wants.

  • Do you actually need what you are about to purchase?
  • Would you have paid full price for what you are about to purchase?

Avoiding Black Friday and thinking your purchase through is one out of many financially responsible actions that you can take this year.

Instead of frantically running around you get more time with family and friends. What’s not to love?

6. You don’t need Black Friday to save money

Black Friday wasn’t invented to save us money, it’s a marketing event that encourages us all to spend (not save!).

Buying something that we don’t need? We can do better.

Spending time shopping instead of with family and friends? Come on!

Heading to the store, just because it’s on offer? Really?!

Let’s be real. If you really want to save money, then there’s no need for Black Friday. Do your research on what it is you need to buy, and get it any other day.

If at all possible, buy what you need used.

Alternatives to Black Friday

I can think of at least three alternative movements to Black Friday.

  1. Buy Nothing Day: Buy Nothing Day is all about making permanent change – Buy Nothing Day wants for people to make a commitment to shopping less and living more.
  2. #OptOutside: Opt Outside is a movement started by REI, an American outdoor store. REI encourages people and its employees to spend time outdoors and to rethink our routines.
  3. MAKE SMTHNG: Make Smthng Week is about taking action for a better world. It’s an international festival that’s celebrating all things diy.

This was it for 5 Reasons To Avoid Black Friday #DisruptBlackFriday.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday?

Please comment down below!

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