Vegan Bucharest: A Grocery Store and Market Guide

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is a lovely place to explore! There are an abundance of markets and grocery stores and there’s something for literally everyone.

This post is all about Vegan Bucharest! I’ll share with you my favorite grocery stores and markets as well as my favorite finds and recommendations.

Grocery stores


The “veggie” section at Carrefour at Obor Market

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer with a decent amount of stores in Bucharest. Out of all the stores and markets I visited, this has to be my least favorite one. Why? They don’t tend to have a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While I wouldn’t do my weekly grocery shopping at Carrefour, it’s not all bad. If you need something and have got a Carrefour close to you, then definitely check it out.

It’s worth mentioning that the Carrefour at Obor market has frozen berries and vegetables in bulk. Yes, Carrefour carries frozen berries and vegetables without packaging. I didn’t buy any so I can’t comment on how smooth it would go if you were to bring your own bag/container.

Some of the vegetables available at Carrefour’s “frozen bulk” section

Favorite finds: Hummus, tofu, oats, frozen berries and vegetables without packaging


Kaufland is by far my favorite grocery store in Romania. It’s a German hypermarket chain that has everything you can think of. They have the biggest selection of produce I’ve seen and great prices.

While the stores are usually a little further out, they are totally worth visiting if you are planning on doing a weeks worth of grocery shopping or more. They also have a relatively large bakery with an abundance of fresh bread.

Favorite finds: Beetroot, Tortilla wraps, nuts, flax seed, pumpkin seed, active dry yeast

Mega Image

Mega Image is a Romanian supermarket chain with stores all over Bucharest. Wherever you go, you’ll spot on. The stores are usually on the smaller side, and the produce selection is usually fairly limited.

That being said, it’s really dependent on the store. I’ve been to stores that had a great selection of local produce and good variety and then I’ve been to other stores that had very little and way too much imported produce.

Wherever you are staying, there is most likely a Mega Image near you. While I don’t recommend Mega Image in general, I do recommend checking out their store at the following address:

Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru 9, București 010323, Romania

This Mega Image has a huge “natural” section on the upper floor and a decent produce section. It was definitely the best Mega Image that I went to and yes, I’d totally do my weekly grocery shopping there.

They also have a great variety of natural skincare products, specialty vegan items, plant milks and everything in between.

Favorite finds: Tofu, hummus, rye flour, cinnamon, bars, wholewheat cookies



The fruit and vegetable stalls in the market hall of Obor market

I don’t even know where to start. Oh, Obor! Obor is one of the oldest and biggest commercial areas in Bucharest and the whole of Romania. Whatever you need, you’ll probably find it at Obor market

At Obor market you can find a huge selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, dry goods (beans, rice, etc.), household items, clothing and heaps more. There is something for everyone!

It’s a great place if you plan on buying a ton of fruit and vegetables. Here’s an example: My man and I bought 1kg of mushrooms for 4 Romanian Leu. That’s roughly $1!

Inside the market, on the upper floor, are also a handful of organic and bulk stores that I highly recommend checking out.

All in all, Obor market is one of my favorite places for grocery shopping in Bucharest. The atmosphere is lovely, there’s a great variety of products and you can easily get there via the metro.

Favorite finds: mushrooms

Address: Strada Ziduri Moși 4, București 077085

This was it for my grocery store and market guide to Vegan Bucharest. Bucharest is a beautiful city and I highly recommend visiting!


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