Travel Diary: 2 Full Days in Chișinău

Earlier this year, in January to be exact, I had the chance to travel to Chișinău, the capital city of Moldova.

Chișinău Circus

I’ve never set foot into Moldova and was beyond excited to explore it all. Unfortunately, I only had two full days in the city.

The fact that I took a night bus to get there, without proper heating and without getting decent sleep, didn’t help either.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and figured I’ll share a handful of photos with you so here ya go.

The area in which I stayed
Soviet architecture

Chișinău Circus
Chișinău Circus

This was it for my photos from Chișinău.

I can’t wait to explore more of Chișinău and Moldova in the near future!

Have you ever been to Moldova?

If you’ve got any tips, please comment down below! 🙂


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