Sleeping On The Floor: My experience and tips

This post is going to be all about sleeping on the floor, my personal experience with it all and tips. If you are keen on learning about some of the potential benefits then I highly recommend this article on sleeping on the floor.

Sleeping On The Floor
My current set up in Berlin

My set up

If you’ve seen my apartment tour then you are familiar with my set up.

I have a cotton blend futon that’s 6 cm thick and measures 180×200 cm. It comfortably fits two people.

While I do like the futon (aka mattress topper) that I currently have, I don’t think I would buy it again. I’d probably opt for something like this, in black. Why? They are produced in Germany, come in black, and are 100% vegan.

Why do I sleep on the floor?

Sleeping on the floor is something that I greatly enjoy and there are multiple reasons and benefits to it.

  • I can carry this futon by myself which makes moving a breeze
  • If I do need the space, I can pack the futon away and use the space for whatever I want
  • It doesn’t get in the way of cleaning as I can simply fold it up and put it somewhere else
  • I like sleeping on hard surfaces. Buying a thick and hard mattress doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
  • I can air it out. I can simply take it and hang it up on my balcony. I’d be unable to do that with a standard mattress.
My futon aka mattress topper

What benefits have I experienced?

1. I can now comfortably sleep pretty much anywhere

Earlier this year I was staying at someone’s house, couldn’t sleep on their ultra-soft mattress and slept on the floor (on my yoga mat) instead. It was wonderful!

2. Moving is a breeze

As I mentioned, one of the reasons I sleep on the floor is because I can hand-carry my futon. This makes moving incredibly easy and pain-free.

3. More space

While I haven’t needed it just yet, whenever I do host a party and have a ton of people over, I can simply store the futon away. So far my living room has always been big enough, should it ever get overly cramped putting the futon away is always an option.

Sleeping On The Floor
My futon up close

Would I recommend sleeping on the floor?

Yes, absolutely. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in simplifying their set up a bit. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting a little. If you could use a little more space, then opting for a futon instead of a bed frame and bulky mattress is obviously a great idea.

While futons aren’t necessarily cheaper than regular mattresses, you can find single futons for very little money and the Shiatsu Futon Vegan XXL in 180x200cm would be 171 Euros (17.11.2019). I don’t know about you, but for an item that I spend 7-8 hours every single day on, that’s not bad at all.

Tips for sleeping on the floor

1. Do your research and choose wisely

Look at different futons online, test some of them in person (provided that’s an option), and read reviews about futon manufactures in your area. There’s a futon for everyone, it may just need to take some digging to find it.

2. Make it comfortable

While I sleep just fine on my futon, you’ve got options to make it more comfortable. If you need more support, you can opt for a thicker one or put a blanket on top of a futon you may already own. The options are literally endless, just have fun and play around with it.

3. Do you and respect others

My S.O. and I experimented with sleeping on the floor in South Korea. He was on board immediately and we decided to give it a go and get a futon ourselves.

If he wouldn’t have been fond of it, we would’ve needed to find a middle ground. A really thick futon? A thin futon with a big blanket on top of his side of the futon? There are definitely options to make it work.

This was my post about sleeping on the floor.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

Also, if you happen to sleep on the floor then I’d love to hear about your experience! šŸ™‚



  1. Jesse McCrum
    November 17, 2019 / 4:26 PM

    The other thing about sleeping on the floor is that it forces you to stay simple and consistent in regards to your cleaning routine, sweeping etc. I noticed you have a smooth floor no carpet which is easier to clean. Keep on moving! peace.

    • Nina
      November 19, 2019 / 6:46 PM

      Hi Jesse, you are onto something! Absolutely! I am not too fond of carpets, because they are a pain to clean. Bare floors are so much easier to clean! Much love, Nina

  2. Renae
    December 1, 2019 / 6:21 PM

    When I moved to S. Korea 10 years ago, I started sleeping on the floor. My mother in law gave us a futon set as a wedding gift and it’s still going strong. I love folding it up every morning. Thank you for your post!

    • Nina
      December 8, 2019 / 8:34 AM

      Thank you so much for sharing this! Amazing that it’s holding up so well! What a wonderful gift! šŸ™‚

  3. Laura
    May 9, 2020 / 3:06 PM

    We used to sleep on wood floor and ended up with mould on the bottom of the mattress topper. Now, we sleep on a locally made futon on a low wooden base. Air can circulate under the futon, and it can also be folded into a couch.

    • Nina
      August 14, 2020 / 7:45 PM

      Hey Laura,

      air circulation is a good point! I air out my futon every day by rolling it over or hanging it up on the balcony to avoid this from happening. It also depends on your individual situation though as mold obv. grows a lot quicker in humid environments.

      A locally made futon with a wooden base sounds super neat! I am happy to hear that you found a set-up that works better! šŸ™‚

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