The best vegan food in Mostar

I don’t go out to eat a whole lot, however, whenever I am somewhere new I like to explore the local vegan scene and Mostar greatly disappoints in this area which, given that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s traditional cuisine is meat heavy, was to be expected and didn’t surprise us much. I was up for the challenge and wanted to go to at least one place while in town.

We considered checking out Moon Star, a new pizzeria which offers pizza, pasta and salads – food that can easily be made vegan and decided against it. The menu didn’t overly appeal to my partner and I was appalled by the fact that, like at any other place in Mostar, smoking indoors is allowed. Being exposed to smoke in an enclosed environment is something for which I have a zero tolerance and going there was therefore off the table.

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Upon looking further into it I stumbled upon Teco, a small vegan-friendly bar & restaurant that is located near the university on Stjepana Radića 39 and roughly a 30 minutes walk from the Old Town. I was super keen on checking it out because it offers a small selection of dishes of which most can be made vegan! The best part, smoking indoors is prohibited!

Smoking indoors is prohibited

When we arrived, the outside area, where smoking is allowed, was packed and inside it was calm, cozy and not packed at all. Upon ordering we got informed that the menu is in the process of changing and they were therefore out of a few things that they simply no longer offer.

Bread + bean soup

I ended up ordering a soup with chickpeas, adzuki beans, carrots, tofu and heaps of other vegetables. It was delicious! While not cheap by Bosnian standards the prices were reasonable and I ended up paying 5KM for a huge portion of soup.

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My partner ended up getting the burger for 4,50KM which they made vegan upon request – they simply swapped creamy sauce for mouthwatering hummus 🙂 The burger was made with a beetroot patty and heaps of veggies, I had a small bite of it and was over the moon!

Last words

If you are a vegetarian or vegan non-smoker looking for a place to eat something delicious, Teco is your place. The staff was really friendly, the food was great, the atmosphere was lovely and the music rocked! 🙂




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