How To Declutter Your Inbox

This post is all about how to declutter your inbox. I’ve been using the tool that I am about to share with you for literally years. I can’t believe that I haven’t made a post about it yet. It transformed my inbox from one filled with junk to one only contains emails that I actually need and want to read. It changed the game.

How to declutter your inbox
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Minimalism for me is about having things that add value to my life and I also use it as a tool to let go of an excess digital clutter. is a website that I’ve used to declutter hundreds if not thousands of emails. It’s incredibly simple, free, and it takes less than one minute to set up.

How to declutter your inboxStep 1: Register

How to declutter your inbox

Simply sign up using your email address and get started right away.

Step 2: Declutter, declutter

How to declutter your inbox


Go into your “inbox” and unsubscribe from all the emails you no longer wish to receive., does all the work for you. All you have to click is “X Unsubscribe”.

Step 3: Set up your rollup

When you’ve worked your way through your subscriptions, you can set up your rollup. This step is completely optional. A rollup is simply is a daily email which contains all your emails and newsletters in one place.


How to declutter your inbox
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I used to love newsletters, especially when “sales season” came around until I didn’t. When I embraced minimalism, I  fell out of love with them all. I don’t need to know when items are on sale or when there’s a special offerI am either in need of something and actively looking and planning for it, or I am not.

If I would indeed need something then I’d monitor prices myself, I wouldn’t need to be subscribed to any particular newsletter. It dawned on me that I was spending way too much time, every single day, to go through emails that I had no use for.

I simply googled around to find a solution and stumbled upon I’ve been using it ever since and I currently use it to declutter my main three emails. It works like a charm!

What are you using to declutter your inbox?


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