5 Vital Questions To Ask Before Decluttering Your Closet

I feel you. You’ve got a few too many clothes and would like to declutter. Let’s not declutter just yet. Let’s talk about 5 vital questions to ask before decluttering your closet. I had my big purge in 2014. I let go of everything that wasn’t serving me and threw it all into a suitcase and carry-on.

5 Vital Questions To Ask Before Decluttering Your Closet
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Prior to decluttering your closet like there’s no tomorrow, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

1. What are my favorite materials?

This is a big one. What materials do you enjoy wearing the most and which ones the least? I love cotton and linen and dislike anything that’s made out of synthetic fibers, especially if it’s sitting directly on my skin. What does that mean for my wardrobe?

I want all my t-shirts, jumpers and pants to be out of cotton, linen or some other natural fiber. I used to wear wool (that was prior to going vegan) and it made me itch so badly. Then there were tops that were made out of rayon or nylon that made me sweat – no more of that.

Get clear on the materials you truly enjoy wearing.

2. What is my preferred fit?

There are people who love their clothing to be really tight and then there are others who prefer a looser fit. I am in the latter group – I love loose fitting tops, jumpers, and pants. Anything that’s too tight simply freaks me out. I can’t stand it.

I usually either buy loose t-shirts or order 1-2 sizes up. I’ve shopped this way for years now and wouldn’t want to go back. If you know you love something (such as loose clothing), then stick with it.

3. Which necklines do I love?

I love anything with a wide crew neck. If I try something on and I literally need to force my head through it then it’s a no-no for me. T-Shirts with a classic crew neck? Nope, thank you. The neckline is simply too tight for me.

Ask yourself which necklines you love and which ones you can do without. Once you’ve figured out which ones you prefer, stick with them.

4. Which colors are my favorite?

Which colors do you love wearing the most? I’d have to say black and gray .. and maybe .. just maybe .. dark blue. Every other color I can do without. What about you? What colors do you truly enjoy wearing?

Get clear on what colors you love and which ones you can do without.

5. What’s my style?

Take a look at your closet. What’s your style? Can you put it into words? If I would need to put it into words it would look something like this: minimal, edgy and practical.

These words describe my style very closely and I think anyone reading this could get a fairly good understanding of what my wardrobe looks like. What about you? How would you best describe your style?

Make a quick list

It’s time to put all your answers into writing.

  1. What are my favorite materials? Linen, cotton
  2. What is my preferred fit? Loose
  3. Which necklines do I love? Wide crew neck
  4. Which colors are my favorite? Black, dark gray
  5. What’s my style? minimal, edgy and practical

Making this list will help you to get crystal clear on what you enjoy wearing the most. You can take this step even further by asking the most important question: Why?

  1. Why are linen and cotton my favorite materials? I love wearing clothing made out of linen and cotton because it’s super breathable, feels good on my skin and doesn’t make me sweat like crazy.
  2. Why do I prefer loose clothing? I greatly enjoy movement and feel too restricted in tight-fitting clothing. I much prefer anything that’s loose. Also, I tend to sweat a lot more when wearing tight fitting items and, therefore, prefer items that are loose.
  3. Why are wide crew necks my favorite? Tops and jumpers with wide crew necks are my favorite because I find them so easy to put and off.
  4. Why are black and dark gray my favorite colors? I find it incredibly practical. Black clothing lasts me a lot longer because it hardly ever stains. I can wash black pieces together with my towels without having to fear that anything is going to get messed up.
  5. Why do I prefer to wear minimal, edgy and practical clothing made out of cotton and linen? I feel the most comfortable in black, loose clothing made out of natural fibers. I prefer minimal pieces with a twist.


Now that you’ve answered the 5 vital questions it’s time to start decluttering your closet! You also dug a little deeper and asked yourself why you enjoy wearing what you are wearing. All of this will help you tremendously when it comes to letting go.

Decluttering your closet and creating a minimalist wardrobe is now going to be a whole lot easier.

To put it very simply: It’s now your task to let go of everything that doesn’t meet your criteria. For me, this meant letting go of anything that was overly tight, colorful, made out of synthetic materials and too over the top. I think you get the idea.

The criteria you have set will also help you with purchasing future pieces. By looking at the criteria prior to purchasing something you’ll make sure that what you do buy screams “you”.

That was it for 5 vital questions to ask before decluttering your closet.

Do you have any particular questions you tend to ask yourself?

Comment down below!



  1. Laura
    January 26, 2019 / 11:32 AM

    Have you tried modal and/or tencel? They are natural materials too; modal is softer than cotton and tencel is made of bamboo.

    • Nina
      January 27, 2019 / 8:49 AM

      I used to have a top made out of tencel and did really like it. It’s just that I don’t see these materials around a lot. Not online, and not in thrift stores! šŸ™‚

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