iVegan supermarket, a vegan grocery store in Taipei!

iVegan supermarket in Taipei is a vegan grocery store that opened back in 2014. I stumbled upon this grocery store on Happy Cow and couldn’t wait to check it out. iVegan stocks heaps of different products and what really blew me away is their huge selection of unpackaged fruits and vegetables. It’s huge!

ivegan supermarket
iVegan supermarket

If you are looking for local specialties, fruits, vegetables or frozen mock meats then I highly recommend stopping by. Local groceries are fairly affordable and of course, imported goods are on the pricier side. Unfortunately, according to a handful of reviews here on Happy Cow, their personal care products appear not to be cruelty-free.

iVegan supermarket
iVegan Supermarket in Taipei

I am no going to show you a handful of sections in the store. This may help you get a better idea of what to expect when visiting the iVegan supermarket. Although the store is big, there aren’t that many products on the shop floor and there is plenty of room.

Fruits & vegetables

As previously mentioned, they offer a huge selection of unpackaged fruits and vegetables. They also have a decent selection of soon to go bad fruits and vegetables at deep discounts. They also have a smaller section with fruits and vegetables that are mostly packaged.


The tofu at regular supermarkets in Taipei can contain egg and iVegan supermarket has a huge selection of vegan tofu. They also offer a handful of plant milk although they didn’t have too many in stock when I went.

Tofu at ivegan supermarket
Tofu section at the iVegan supermarket

Instant noodles

Whether you are into instant noodles or not, it’s difficult to ignore them because they are everywhere! iVegan supermarket in Taipei has a huge selection of vegan instant noodles. Unfortunately, most of them are of course heavily packaged. If you are craving instant noodles though then iVegan supermarket is a great place to pick some up.

Instant noodles at iVegan supermarket
Instant noodles at the iVegan supermarket


Of course, the iVegan supermarket has an abundance of snacks! Like with most snacks, pretty much all of them are heavily packaged. That being said, if you are looking for something specific then iVegan supermarket is your place!

snacks at iVegan supermarket
snacks at the iVegan supermarket

Pet food

This section really surprised me. Turns out they offer a relatively huge selection of vegan pet food! I really love house sitting and don’t have pets of my own so I have yet to do any research on vegan pet food and its benefits and drawbacks. That being said, if you are in Taipei and looking for vegan pet food then this is probably the best place to buy it.

pet food ivegan supermarket

This was my post about the iVegan supermarket in Taipei. It’s a great store if you are looking for vegan specialty items or unpackaged fruit and vegetables.


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