Vegan Patbingsu in Seoul

Have you heard of Patbingsu? Patbingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert that’s popular in the summer months. Unfortunately, traditional Patbingsu isn’t vegan, because it’s usually made with condensed milk. I really wanted to try vegan Patbingsu in Seoul and was thrilled when I heard about Maju Story – 마주이야기.

Vegan Patbingsu in Seoul - green tea
Vegan Green Tea Patbingsu

Manju Story is an all-vegan bakery and they offer four different types of vegan Patbingsu. They are incredibly eco-friendly and don’t use any disposable cups, straws, or cutlery. There is lots of artwork on the walls and they played really relaxing music. They offer a variety of drinks, cookies, and cakes. Everything is made in-house and 100% vegan.

Vegan Patbingsu in Seoul - Patbingsu menu
Patbingsu Menu

I was thrilled to see that they have a variety of Patbingsu to choose from! They have Red Bean, Green Tea, Plain, and Coffee. I ordered the Green Tea Patbingsu and freaking loved it! The green tea goes really well with the red beans. Their price points are also super reasonable and you really can’t go wrong with spending ₩5,000-8,500 on vegan Patbingsu.

Vegan Patbingsu in Seoul
Inside Maju Story

If you are looking for Vegan Patbingsu in Seoul, then I highly recommend stopping by Maju Story. The people working there are incredibly sweet and they have a great selection of Patbingsu. Although it might be a little far out from where you are staying, it’s so so worth the trek! Have you tried Patbingsu? Let me know in the comments! šŸ™‚

Address: Insubong-ro 55-gil, Seoul, South Korea


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