Quan Chay Dam: A affordable vegan restaurant in Hoi An

Quan Chay Dam is my favorite restaurant in Hoi An! I stumbled upon this lovely place on Happy Cow and couldn’t wait to check it out. It’s a small, family-run eatery that offers rice, noodle soups, buns, vegetables, soy meats and heaps more.

quan chay dam banh bao buffet meal
A meal from the buffet for 25,000 VND

The space

I really love the atmosphere at Quan Chay Dam. It’s a super low-key restaurant that’s usually filled with locals.

Inside Quan Chay Dam
Inside Quan Chay Dam

The buffet

The buffet was actually my favorite part about Quan Chay Dam. I am not a fan of mock meat and was so excited to see a great variety of vegetable dishes! If you pick something from the buffet it’s going to be between 20,000 – 40,000 VND. I always picked heaps of vegetable dishes and loved it! Pro tip: Simply tell her that you want food for a specific amount, for example, 25,000 VND. I always got heaps of food and never paid more than 25,000 VND.

quan chay dam banh bao buffet2
The buffet at Quan Chay Dam

The menu

The menu at Quan Chay Dam is incredible! They offer noodles soups, buns, hamburgers, rice, pancakes, spring rolls and heaps more. Most meals are between 15,000 to 20,000 VND and snacks are a lot less.

quan chay dam menu
The menu at Quan Chay Dam
quan chay dam menu2
The menu at Quan Chay Dam
quan chay dam menu
Menu at Quan Chay Dam

What I ate

I ended up going to Quan Chay Dam every single day of my stay in Hoi An and absolutely loved it. The soy milk was my personal highlight. Someone on Happy Cow recommended it and it was indeed delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet, it was perfect! I also greatly enjoyed the steamed buns and everything else that I had.

quan chay dam banh bao
Steamed bun for 10,000 VND
quan chay dam spring rolls
Spring rolls from the buffet for 20,000 VND
cao lau quan chay dam
Cao Lau for 20,000 VND
quan chay dam banh bao buffet meal
A meal from the buffet for 25,000 VND

If you are a lover of vegetable and noodle dishes then I highly recommend checking out Quan Chay Dam. It’s a lovely restaurant and everything that I ate there was incredible!

quan chay dam outside
Outside Quan Chay Dam

Address: 71/20 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An, Vietnam

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 AM – 8 PM


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