Ko Kret – A day trip to Bangkok’s artificial island

Just outside Bangkok, in Thailand’s second largest city, Nonthaburi, lies the beautiful island of Koh Kret. It’s in the middle of the Chao Phraya River and is the result of a canal being dug roughly 300 years ago. If you are in Bangkok or Nonthaburi, it’s a great place to visit.

ko kret island nonthaburi
A view of Ko Kret from the ferry

The island is also one of Thailand’s oldest settlements of Mon people, many of which are still living on the island today. Ko Kret is known for its pottery, quaint atmosphere and big weekend market. On weekends the island is filled with local tourists wandering around the market and renting bicycles. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, then Koh Kret is your place.

ko kret island map
An overview of Ko Kret

While Ko Kret is a popular destination, especially among locals, it didn’t feel overly touristy. It’s an incredibly relaxed island and while the market can get crowded, you can easily escape the masses. As you can see on the above map, there’s heaps to explore!

The Market

I ended up visiting Ko Kret on the weekend because I really wanted to see the market. To my surprise, it wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be and I was able to wander around and enjoy every minute of it.

ko kret market
Wandering around the covered part of the market

The island is famous for it’s pottery and there were heaps of stalls selling it. There are stalls selling food, handmade soaps, clothing and everything in between. If you are a lover of markets then you’ll have a great time!

ko kret
A vendor selling mangos just outside the market
ko kret market
A stall selling handmade soap. The soap is made in her home, which is right behind the stall.

What to eat

For delicious vegan coconut pudding for 25 THB and mango with sticky rice for 50 THB head to Coffee Country. It’s a small coffee shop with heaps of options and their mango with sticky rice was awesome!

coffee country ko kret
Coffee Country

All over the market vendors were selling the most amazing Thai sweets and a lot of them were, upon asking around, vegan. My favorite one was Khanom Thom ขนม ต้ม (Dessert Balls). Khanom Thom is usually made out of rice flour, coconut milk, water, sugar, and coconut. It’s one of my favorite desserts ever and if you happen to spot it at the market, give it ago.

Another favorite is Khanom Chun ขนมชั้น (Thai Jello) made out of sugar, coconut milk, and flour. Quite a few stalls sold Khanom Chun at the market and there were heaps of different ones to choose from. If you are looking for something to eat on the island, make sure to bring a note stating your dietary preferences in Thai. Bringing a note helped me out heaps!

Useful information

ko kret
Water refill station near the pier
  • Market: Kro Ket’s market is open on weekends and holidays only. The opening hours are 9 AM to 4 PM. Make sure to check the weather prior to heading to Kro Ket. When it rains lots of stalls usually close.
  • Cheap water: If you need to fill up your water bottle head right when you get off the ferry and walk until you stumble upon a big bench. Right next to it is a water refill station. You can fill up almost two bottles for just 1 THB.
  • Food: There’s a huge number of food stalls at the market so make sure to bring a note stating your dietary preferences if you don’t speak Thai.
  • Getting around: You can walk, rent a bicycle or take a boat around the island

How to get to Ko Kret

  • Bus – #505 or #32 bus from Nonthaburi (13 THB) or #166 or #104 (7 – 20 THB) from Bangkok all the way up to Pak Kret (near Wat Sanam Neua Temple) and then you can take a ferry across the river (2 THB)
  • Boat – From Spahan Taksin central pier in Bangkok, take the Chao Phraya express boat all the way up (13 THB). From there you can get on a longtail boat to Ko Kret (100 THB)

ko kret ferry

I had so much fun exploring Ko Kret! Unfortunately due to time constraints I was only able to go once. If I would have stayed longer in Bangkok I would have definitely gone back. If you are in Bangkok on a weekend, make it a plan to go, especially if you are a lover of markets and are in need of a break from the city.

ko kret

Have you been to Ko Kret? Are you planning on going? I’d love to hear from you!



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