How to get from Budapest to Belgrade

Booking trains and figuring out the best way to get from A to B can get tricky at times and today I’d like to break down how you can get from Budapest to Belgrade. The fastest option is taking the bus, the cheapest and slowest option is taking the train and opting for a ride share is of course also an option. We decided to go with the train. We opted for the train, although it is a little slower, because we are thinking that it may be a little more comfortable than the bus ride. The train ride is expected to take 9-10 hours.


Tickets for trains can be booked online or at the counter. My partner and I opted to go straight to the counter as we had a couple of questions and figured it’d be better to go in person.

My partner and I went to the train station closest to us, the Nyugati Pályaudvar train station. It’s important to note that the Nyugati train station is the station for domestic trains and can be reached with Metro M3 as well as various trams. It was at first a little tricky to find the right counter at the station and after walking around and asking around for a bit we were finally able to locate the correct one.

When you go in-person to get your ticket at the Nyugati Pályaudvar train station make sure you go straight to the “international” counter. International tickets can not be bought at the regular counter at which only tickets within Hungary can be purchased. The person behind the counter happily answered all our questions and we ended up paying roughly $18 per one-way ticket from Budapest Keleti railway station to Belgrade.

Budapest to Belgrade

We decided to take the 7:57 train and arrived at Nyugati Pályaudvar train station after 20 minutes of walking at roughly 7:25. We needed to go all the way to gate 1 which is at the very back at the station and may take you 10+ minutes to reach. The train itself was fairly roomy, relatively clean and not packed at all.

Whenever we purchased our tickets we decided not to reserve our seats as the person behind the counter said it would not be necessary and she was right. As I walked through the train car which consisted of lots of seats I only saw one reservation. Of course, if you happen to travel on a holiday it may be different and a reservation may be necessary. Generally speaking though it won’t be and you are just fine with buying a regular ticket without a reservation.

While the train car was nice and clean the toilets really weren’t. The floor of the toilet was covered with about half a centimeter of water and it was fairly interesting to use it. Whenever I went and came back out I left a trail of water footsteps all the way to my seat and so did everyone else. There was another toilet close to were we sat and I saw someone checking it out and going right back out. It was that terrible.

The train journey took roughly 9.5 hours, from 7:57 to 16:30. Unfortunately I didn’t think of bringing a second bottle of water and only had one with me. Beverages and snacks weren’t sold on the train and I’d therefore highly recommend you to stock up on snacks and drinks prior to jumping on the train.


Would I take the train again? Yes, absolutely! The seats were really comfortable, the aisle allowed for lots of movement and the train wasn’t cramped at all. The train also goes at a fairly slow speed which allows you to fully take in the scenery šŸ™‚




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