My favorite vegan spots in Vienna, Austria

Here’s the thing: I love food. Wherever I go I seek out interesting spots, the best local AND vegan dishes and it’s something that I am always looking forward whenever I travel. Vienna, a city in which I lived for about 20 years has a very special place in my heart and I am proud to say that I do consider it very vegan friendly. If you are thinking about visiting, no need to worry. The city has plenty to offer and in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you my favorite spots to grab delicious vegan food.

Berliner Döner Wien

Address: Zieglergasse 33A, 1070 Vienna

My sister has been telling me about this place and their falafel sandwiches for years and I finally manged to check it out. Berliner Döner offers dürüm, falafel sandwiches and of course kebab. It’s a small stall near Urban Loritz Platz and is super easy to find. The great thing about Berliner Döner is that they take debit and credit cards and the minimum is only €3. What can I say, the ingredients looked super fresh, the falafel sandwich is 100% vegan and so were most of their sauces. It was absolutely delicious and hands down, the best falafel I ever had. If you are a lover of falafel than I highly recommend stopping by and giving it a try. It’s soo delicious!

Café Fett+Zucker

Where? Hollandstraße 16, 1020 Vienna

I wanted to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and figured why not grab cake and tea! A quick google search helped me locate “fett + zucker”, a lovely little cafe in the heart of Vienna. Almost all of their cakes and food was vegan and their prices were really reasonable. They had everything from “Apfelstreusel” to “banana bread” and everything looked delicious. Have a look at their sweets and food menu here. They even offered vegan eggnog! The atmosphere was lovely and I already know that this is going to be my go-to spot for cake whenever I am in Vienna.

Pita BOX

Address: Taborstraße 38, 1020 Vienna

I love Kebab. Yes, I said it. While I was never obsessed about it, I did eat it on a regular basis prior to going vegan. In 2016 I grabbed a vegan Dürüm, which is a wrap filled with typical döner kebab ingredients, in Berlin and have been on the hunt for the perfect vegan Kebab ever since. A quick google search led me to a list of the best vegan kebabs in Vienna and I was sold on Pita Box the minute I read an interview about the owner on Biber.

Upon opening the door my friend and I were greeted with warm smiles and asked what we wanted to get. We studied the menu a little and my friend ended up ordering a vegan dürüm and I ended up ordering a vegan kebab. The vegan kebab ended up being €4.99 and the vegan dürüm was €5.50. Seitan is usually on the pricier side of things and given that it was a decent portion I consider the price more than reasonable. They had 6 different kinds of hummus, lots of veggies, a couple of vegan sauces and of course, vegan seitan on a skewer! It was freshly cut, put on a little grill for a couple of seconds and looked delicious. How did it taste? AMAZING. I am not exaggerating, it was full of flavor, the bread was fresh and crispy and the portion was just right. If you are looking for vegan kebab or dürüm then PITA Box is your place.

Swing Kitchen

Address: Josefstädterstraße 73, 1080 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 Vienna, Operngasse 24, 1040 Vienna

I heard about Swing Kitchen from various friends and all of them seemed to be thrilled by what they had to offer so I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to check it out. Swing Kitchen is run by the Schillinger family who revolutionized Austrian’s vegan cuisine and who operated a restaurant in Lower Austria called “Gasthaus Schillinger” in Großmugl for decades. I went there in 2016 and was really surprised to see traditional Austrian cuisine made 100% vegan. Unfortunately it has since closed down and the Schillinger family is now solely focusing on Swing Kitchen.

Swing Kitchen offers vegan burgers, wraps and other foods, it prides itself on using only very little plastic packaging, sources its ingredients as responsible as possible and a burger with fries is only around €10. I ended up going with a little group of people and it was wonderful. I decided to get the “Vienna Burger” which came with a schnitzel patty, lettuce, tomatoes and onion. While it was delicious, in retrospect I would have probably gone for with a little more flavor. The burger itself was HUGE and the portion of fries was really generous. The interior of Swing Kitchen at Schottenfeldgasse reminded me a little of by chloe, a vegan fast food chain in the U.S.


Address: Salzgries 9, Opernring 9, 1010 Vienna, Alserbachstraße 30, 1090 Vienna

In May 2016 I stumbled upon “I love veggie burger” which has since changed its name to “Veggiezz”. It was there that I had, hands down, the best vegan burger ever. I was mesmerized and promised myself to go on my next visit to Vienna. I was super thrilled to be going back this year and I wasn’t disappointed. For around €10 you get a burger with fries and aside from that they offer wraps, salads and heaps more. Everything is vegan and super delicious. I ordered the “Delight burger” with a wholewheat bun and home fries. My friends ordered the “Delight burger”  with a regular bun and the “Smoky burger” with a wholewheat bun. Everything tasted amazing. I highly recommend checking it out. Just bear in mind that you may want to make a reservation before visiting. The restaurant is small and when I was eating there they had to sent people without reservations away due to lack of space.


Address: Locations all over Vienna

Anker is a bakery chain with shops all over the place and in the fall of 2017 they started to aggressively promote their vegan products and expanded their assortment to over 50. They offer vegan sweets, rolls and sandwiches. All their vegan products are clearly labeled as such and it’s therefore a breeze to pick things up on the go. If you are on the go and in need of a snack or craving something sweet than I highly recommend popping in and checking out their food. I ended up trying their “Vitalweckerl“, which is a roll with pumpkinseeds, hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika and rucola – it was super delicious!

I also tried their krapfen, which is a traditional german pastry similar to a doughnut, made from sweet dough and with a marmelade filling. I haven’t had one since going vegan and while I am not big on sweets I must say it was wonderful and tasted just like their non-vegan equivalent.

I am really happy to see more and more vegan restaurants popping up and also applaud bakery chain ANKER for introducing a wide range of vegan products 🙂


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