A trip to Belgrade Fortress

Upon seeing photos of it online I was really intrigued to explore Ružica Church, a serbian orthodox church located in the Belgrade Fortress, in Belgrade, Serbia. The Belgrade fortress is a breathtaking sight and absolutely worth visiting. It was built in 279 BC, was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times and today it consists of the upper and lower town and the huge field in front of it. You can read up on the site’s history here. It’s worth mentioning that the site is open all year around and that the entrance is free.

The first few gates that we ended up walking through were the Vidin Gate followed by the Gate of Charles VI. I don’t think my photos do the gates justice, they were absolutely breathtaking. We then walked up the hill to see Ružica Church.

Ružica church is tucked away inside the Belgrade Fortress and only a tiny part of it can be seen from the outside. Unfortunately priests gathered in front of the church and I felt uncomfortable taking a photo. Have a look at some of these photos, isn’t it gorgeous? I did manage to take one from the inside. It was only us and a small group of people snapping a few photos and taking it all in.

We continued walking until we were all the way up and enjoyed a fabulous view of Belgrade.

It was fairly cold and windy that day, if you happen to go in the winter, make sure to bundle up as the breeze up there can be quite harsh. There’s lots to explore and see and if you happen to be in Belgrade and have a few hours to spare I’d definitely check it out. The scenery alone is worth it 🙂


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