A Guide to Vegan Food in Sofia

This is my first time in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of bulk stores, health food stores, and vegetarian/vegan restaurants. This list features great restaurants and places at which you can grab fabulous vegan food in Sofia, Bulgaria. We’ve been to heaps of places on this trip and in my experience, Sofia, Bulgaria, is definitely the vegan-friendliest city in the Balkans.

Enjoying a home cooked meal

Sun moon

Sun moon has four locations in Sofia – three bakeries and one vegetarian restaurant. They offer smoothies, raw sweets, banitsas (a traditional Bulgarian snack), warm meals, soups and heaps more.

I went to one of their bakeries and ordered their “Stardust smoothie” for 4.50 BGN made with banana, orange, dates, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, carob flour, sunflower milk and star anise. It was so different from all the other smoothies I had in my life, I absolutely loved it. If you are a lover of smoothies, then definitely check it out!

Sun Moon Gladstone on ul. “William Gladstone” 18

My favorite location would have to be the Sun Moon Gladstone on ul. “William Gladstone” 18. They have an abundance of sweets and snacks and the atmosphere is incredibly charming!

Sun Moon Gladstone on ul. “William Gladstone” 18

Loving Hut

Loving hut is a vegan restaurant chain and although I’ve heard of, I’ve actually never eaten at a Loving Hut and figured to give it a try. Every single branch is a little different and it’s never 100% the same. Loving Hut Sofia offers salads, crackers, sandwiches, a variety of cooked dishes, smoothies and heaps of desserts. I really like their menu, and upon reading here and there’s post, in which she is raving about one of their raw cakes, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Raw cake with dates, cashew cream, and blueberry

I ordered the raw blueberry cashew cream cake for 5.50 BGN and this is the best vegan cake I’ve ever eaten, seriously. Upon chatting with the lovely staff member behind the counter I found out that they have a huge variety of cakes and every single day there’s a different one available. If you are a lover of healthy snacks and raw food then I highly recommend you to check it out.

Address: Ulitsa „Georgi S. Rakovski“ 113

Supa Star

Supa star is an awesome place to grab soup. They have two branches in Sofia and are offering a great variety of soups each day. We popped into Supa Star on ul. “Tsar Shishman” and bul. and on the day they had 2 vegan soups available, lentil and cabbage. For both soups and the roll, we paid 7.20 BGN. The portion was decent, the soup was lovely and I really enjoyed the space.

Lentil soup and cabbage soup

Address: ul. “Tsar Shishman” and bul. Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov 17


I was looking for a place to try banitsas which led me to Hlebar. Hlebar is a small bakery that offers baked goods and also has a small section with dried goods, snacks, and vegan specialty items. I read about it on Charlie on Travel and couldn’t wait to check it out. A banitsa is a long roll, stuffed with different fillings and very similar to a pita. It’s a traditional Bulgarian breakfast food and you can get it all day.

Banitsa with apple and cinnamon

Hlebar has two different vegan banitsas – banitsa filled with mushrooms, potatoes, and olive oil and banitsa filled with apple, cinnamon, walnuts, brown sugar and olive oil. Each one is 3.50 BGN. I emailed them on Facebook prior to visiting and got confirmed that they are 100% vegan. I had tried both of them and must say that I am absolutely in love with the banitsa filled with apple, cinnamon, walnuts, brown sugar, and olive oil.

Address: 16, Oboriste Str./27, Shishman Str.

Dream house

Dream house is one of the cheapest vegetarian restaurants in Sofia and most of what they offer either is or can be made vegan. Prior to visiting I read that the place can be a little tricky to find and oh boy, it sure is. It’s right where google maps’ says it is, it’s just not on street level. Look for a small shopping center and walk through the dodgy-looking white door on the left. Once you are through simply walk up the stairs and there it is.

Falafel plate and creamy carrot soup

Their menu is lovely – they have a great selection of salads, soups, smoothies, mains, and desserts. I ordered a falafel plate with carrot soup (from their daily changing menu) and my partner ended up getting their buckwheat pancake with vegetables. I loved it! The food is great, the atmosphere is really lovely – it’s just a really nice and mellow restaurant. I ended up paying only 6.80 BGN for my falafel plate and soup.

Buckwheat pancake with vegetables

Address: ул. „Алабин“ 50

Organic stores + vegan specialty items

Zoya on ul. Aksakov 22

There are heaps of health food stores located in the Sredets neighborhood, which is one of Sofia’s hippest neighborhoods. One of my favorite spots would have to be Zoya. Zoya has three locations (two health food stores, one beauty store) and a great selection of vegan specialty items (nutritional yeast, spreads, cheese, plant milk, etc.), offers certain foods in bulk and also sells vitamins. I was on the hunt for vegan vitamin d3, which can be extremely difficult to find, and was happy to get it here. I was so thrilled to see a store full of natural cosmetics, that I made a sperate post about this natural skincare paradise.

Bulk stores

I love buying things in bulk, especially nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. There are heaps of bulk stores all over Sofia, especially in and around the Sredets neighborhood. I mentioned my favorite spot in my 10 Things to do in Sofia, Bulgaria post, it’s the Nut store on ul. “Graf Ignatiev” 68. They have a huge variety of nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit and heaps more.

Other Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Sofia

There are a couple of other places worth mentioning. There is Veda house on ul. “William Gladstone” 2, it’s a tea house offering tea as well as vegetarian and vegan food. Salted Cafe also seems to be a great place. Charlie on Travel mentioned it in her write-up, it’s a vegetarian cafe with vegan options. Think wraps, raw cakes and the like!

Then there is Soul Kitchen which is definitely on the pricier side by Bulgarian standards. We didn’t end up going there because, while here and there raved about it, it was a little too pricey for us compared to all the other places we checked out. While I included The Apartment in my 10 Things to do in Sofia, Bulgary post, I didn’t include it here because the food that they offered was rather pricey and while the cookie that I had there was good, I was expecting a little more for the price.

Grocery stores

Fantastiko is a Bulgarian grocery chain with stores all over Sofia. While staying in Sofia we checked out local health food stores, markets, Lidl (a German grocery store), Billa, and Fantastiko. Out of all the places we went to Fantastiko was definitely my favorite place to grab groceries. If you are craving vegan specialty items, then check out Lidl, Lidl offers hummus, vegan pudding and, to my surprise, heaps of vegan meat alternatives.


Pro Tip: Fantastiko has a little section in the produce aisle where you can find items that are about to go bad, at incredible prices. We stocked up on peppers, potatoes and apples, ate it all within a day or two and to our surprise, the produce was in brilliant condition.

Awesome resources

I highly recommend checking out the Vegetarians and vegans in Bulgaria facebook group if you are looking for advise and local tips as well as events. I found here and there’s recommendations absolutely incredible and also greatly enjoyed Charlie on Travel’s tips on eating vegan in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Updated: June 2018



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