The BEST minimalist sneaker

This is a quick review of my favorite minimalist sneaker! Shoes are something that I always dread buying. My small toe tends to get squished, oftentimes I find shoes to rigid and then there is my desire for all my shoes to be vegan .. I think you get the idea.

I love doing research whenever I am about to buy something and so I browsed and looked around for a couple of weeks until I spotted Xero Shoes. Xero Shoes are known for making minimal, feet friendly footwear with a zero drop sole meaning that none of their shoes come with a traditional elevated heel.

They offer heaps of different shoes and among them is the Prio, a minimalist sneaker.

I tend to have a hard time getting the sizing right and needed to exchange them several times. When I ordered mine I got informed “Black” would soon be released. However, I needed a pair asap and therefore decided to go with “Lilac”. While I would have preferred them to be black, I’ve really grown to love the color. Update: The black ones are now available!!


Here’s a brief run-down of the Prio’s most important features:

  • a wide comfortable toe box and zero drop sole
  • super lightweight (A women’s 7 is only 6.4 ounces each)
  • vegan
  • reflective straps
  • colors: lilac, blue, yellow
  • 5,000-mile sole warranty

Fit + Comfort

They are, hands down, the most comfortable pair of sneakers I ever had. They are super flexible and while wearing them I am able to bend, move and flex my feet.

There is also plenty of room for my toes and even my small toe, which tends to get squished, has plenty of breathing space.

The rubber sole is also worth mentioning, it’s super comfortable and gives you a great grip, no matter on what kind of ground you are standing.


As I mentioned earlier, sizing is something I struggle with and the Prio was no exception. Based on the information I found online I choose size 7.5. I’ve also got their sandals which I ordered in size 8 and figured that could be the right fit. Oh, boy was I wrong.

I ended up exchanging them over and over again and decided that size 9.5 was the perfect fit for me. I am usually a size EU 39-40 in most shoes that I had and have and was surprised that I am an EU 41.5 in these.

If you are thinking of ordering them I can really only highly recommend you to check out the sizing chart and to order at least one size up.


They are not waterproof. I ordered them knowing that they will give me enough protection when it rains without expecting them to keep my feet completely dry every single time.

Update 2018: I have worn them when it drizzled and my feet stayed completely dry. I have also worn them when it rained rather heavily and to my surprise, my feet only ended up being a little damp around my toes, the rest of my feet were completely dry. That being said, if you wear them outside for extended periods and in heavy rain then your feet are going to get wet.


A pair of Prio’s goes for $89.99. Xero Shoes is not known for sales although you might get offered a code if you happen to abandon your basket during checkout. This is what happened when I ordered them the first time around.

While returns aren’t free, exchanges within the U.S. are – no matter how often you end up exchanging a pair.

Considering the quality and their level of service I do consider the price reasonable. Of course, if you are living outside the U.S. then shipping and return costs can add up.

Last words

They are great for anyone who is not too fond of traditional footwear and enjoys shoes that are roomy, flexible and healthy for your feet.

It’s, in my opinion, the best minimalist sneaker and I recommended it to anyone! They are great for walking around the city, low-key hiking, exciting and of course running.

Given that they also hold up when it rains makes them the perfect everyday shoe for me. I know that whenever my current pair breaks down, I’ll be back for another one.

If you are looking for a minimal, lightweight and versatile shoe then look no further.

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Updated: November 2018


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