I started my first blog with Blogger around 2010/11 and also played around a little bit with at the time. I didn’t quite stick with it and deleted all of it shortly after. I’ve been wanting to make a new blog ever since starting my YouTube channel in 2015 and at the end of 2017 I said to myself “This is it, I’ll give it another try!” and here we are. I spent weeks reading into it all and found Expert Vagabond’s post on How to start a travel blog incredibly useful. He guides you through every single step of the process, gives you a breath breakdown and also shares his experience with various providers and packages.


I did a lot of research in this area, I checked out Bluehost, GoDaddy and upon reading through Amanda Round the Globe’s resources I decided to go with SiteGround. It only took a couple of minutes to set it up and their customer service is great. I emailed them about a question I had and got a response within a couple of hours! They have three main packages that you can choose from, depending on your website’s traffic and needs.


I used blogger in the past and also played around briefly with way back in the day. In december 2017 I got my feet wet again and created a website using Squarespace’s trail version and I wasn’t quite happy with it. While it looked neat, I wanted a bit more flexibility and decided to go with wordpress.orgย instead and I am so happy I did. I installed wordpress through SiteGround with the help of bussybloggingmom’s post that I highly recommend if you want to know how you can install WordPress with SiteGround.


Upon playing around with it for hours I came to the conclusion that’s free themes weren’t for me. I was looking for a simple layout with a sidebar on the right and couldn’t quite get the themes available to look the way I wanted. Amanda Round the Globe’s previously mentioned post led me to pipdig, a website offering affordable WordPress templates that are super easy to install and just plain beautiful. Have a look at their WordPress themes here.


My first ever laptop at age 15 was an PowerBook G4 and I’ve been a lover of apple’s laptops ever since. Granted, I have nothing to compare it to as I’ve never owned a windows operated laptop. 5-6 years after purchasing a PowerBook G4 I switched to a MacBookPro 13″ and in February 2017 I switched to a MacBookAir 13″ and absolutely love it. It’s small, light weight, very thin and does what I want it to do. While I wouldn’t pay full price for it – I got mine used – it’s a great device for what I am doing.

For filming videos and taking photos I was using a Canon 600d which I had for 6+ years and absolutely loved. Downside? Not great for video as there is no auto-focus and fairly bulky and heavy. I sold it all off and switched to a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV that I got used on eBay. I highly recommend looking for electronics used, it’s like with cars, most of them loose a big chunk of their value the minute you drive them off the lot. Buying electronics new? Not worth it.


I am using InDesign to create thumbnails for my YouTube channel, I edit photos in PhotoShop and I edit my videos in iMovie. Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t have an Adobe subscription, I am still using a fairly old version that I got way back when I was a student and back then there was no such thing as Adobe subscriptions. I greatly enjoy iMovie although I am planning to switch to a more advanced editing program in the near future as iMovie is fairly basic. All in all I am pretty happy with my current set up ๐Ÿ™‚

By using some of the above links/discounts I may receive a small kickback, to support my blog and YouTube channel, at no extra cost to you ๐Ÿ™‚